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Our Story

We Are Entrepreneurs With A

Long-Term Perspective

CAPRiser Group is a private investment company found in 2003. We mobilize private capital to high potential development and investment endeavors on a global scale.


It’s about making the best investment decisions in a rapidly changing environment

CAPRiser Group is a group of associated companies serving mainly Asian investors. CAPRiser and its related companies exclusively invest in organizations in the Real Estate, Financial, Biotech, and High Tech industries led by world-class management teams. We are entrepreneurs on a journey with a long-term perspective, we contribute professional expertise and multi-level support towards companies to realize their full potential. We understand the opportunities and challenges that others face. We respect what others achieved and we guide rather than take over when we work together.

Our History

We have been dedicated to developing alternative investment solutions for our clients.

Our Companies

CAPRiser Group's current operations began in 2001 when our reinsurance operations were launched to meet a need for capacity. Through thoughtful organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we have evolved into a group of diversified private investment companies.

Our Leaders

Our team is formed by industry professionals and over 15 partner companies from a variety of industries. Our success is based on our experience, relationships and our reputation for honesty, respect and integrity.

Our Staffs

Our professional staffs are deployed internationally, we have the capability to take on complex and sustained investment partnerships and locate some of the best alternative investments around the globe.

First thing first

We focused on our clients

We act in the best and long-term interest of our investors, taking into account global economic, tax and regulatory issues into account. Our broad experience as an asset and alternative investment manager enables us to identify, analyze and capture attractive private investment opportunities. We develop and implement solutions for a broad range of investor needs.

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