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Canada/Asia Collaborative Development Program


Alternative Future Fund

Unlocking the extraordinary potential of alternative investments to pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future. Our focus extends beyond traditional markets that are set to redefine our world.


AI Innovation Fund

Nurturing growth by pooling investments in Alternative NFTs, DeFi, and Web3.0 ecosystems.


Whisky Cask & Growth Fund

Exclusive high-growth alternative investment fund specializing in rare whisky, offering discerning investors a luxury opportunity.


Realizing Potential

We connect ambitious entrepreneurs and idea with capital, building lasting partnerships that lead to many more opportunities.


Backing people we believe in

In doing so we overcome complexity, help drive businesses forward and create value for our investors.


Investing is all about people

We bring great people together. We have a strong network of experts internationally to help you achieve your ambitious goals.

Specialized expertise in key sectors

We have acquired specialized expertise in key sectors, establishing a strong foundation of knowledge and competence.


Promoting regional growth by leveraging demand drivers, strategic partnerships, regulatory frameworks, and expansive networks to foster development.


Enhancing financing avenues through strategic networking with investors, facilitating non-dilutive funding opportunities.


Promote regional ecosystem visibility through branding opportunities, thought leadership reports, publicity, events, and industry associations.


We offer comprehensive talent support in board advisory, director and C-suite hiring, key executive recruitment, and operational team selection.

Real Estate

& Proptech


Biotech & Biomed

AI & High Tech

We locate the most attractive alternatives for our sophisticated investors.

Private Equity & Debt

Whisky, Collectibles & Alternative

Blockchain & Web3.0

We welcome innovative opportunities beyond our existing business domains.

We are open to new ideas →

Affiliates & Subsidiaries

At CAPRiser, we specialize in strategic investments aimed at empowering visionary entrepreneurs, fostering enduring collaborations that pave the way for an array of new prospects. Our unwavering commitment lies in navigating intricate challenges, propelling enterprises towards progress, and generating substantial returns for our esteemed investors. By surmounting complexities, we diligently facilitate the advancement of businesses, thus facilitating the creation of tangible value in the marketplace.


BioTech Venture Investment

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