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Canada/China Collaborative Development Program

1. Scope

Working together, CAPRiser aims to foster and support collaborative development businesses with high potential advanced technology. This Call for Proposals (CFP) is open to companies from Canada/U.S. who wish to expand their exposure to the Chinese market.

  1. Applicants are expected to have ready-to-market solutions for products.
  2. Funding is available for qualified Canadian and U.S. participants. Companies are eligible for up to USD$10 million in phase one.
  3. Canadian Angel Investment Foundation (CAIF) will evaluate the submitted proposals and communicate the results within about 3 months after the call deadline.


2. Application deadlines

Since March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The pandemic has led to the closure of public spaces and the cancellation of events around the world, causing great stress on the sector. It is also having an impact on our collaboration project in China. As a result, the committee has not decided on our initiation for 2022. 

3. Sectors of focus

  • Hi-tech Industrial (Technology-based machinery, Artificial intelligence, Technology-based machinery and others)
  • Clean technologies (including environmental technologies)
  • Health/Biotech/Bio-sciences (including biopharmaceuticals, digital health, medical devices, and nutraceuticals)


4. Contact details:

CAIF – Internation Business Development (IBD)
Ms. Amy Luk


5. Milestones for Overall Process:

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Launch
  • Registration
  • RFP Submission in Canada
  • Application review in China and Canada
  • Announcement of results and project approval
  • Final due diligence and approval
  • Project start, monitoring and release of funds


6. Application Tips:

1) Given the volume of applications we receive, we can’t spend very long reviewing each application. Therefore, it is strongly advised to use bullets points whenever possible.

2) Answer the question,  please answer our questions directly & concisely as it is asked.

3) Have your peer review your application before you submit it.


** If the company can achieve the predetermined sales profit target within the first three years of establishment, the program will invest another 10 million US dollars.

To apply, click here to complete the online application form
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